Wednesday October 14 Connected Radio 215  very own Nov Mulla will be at Voltage Night club. Performing Songs from his highly anticipated project (My Life Is An Instrumental) Stay Connected for the release date . But make sure your at Voltage Night club  October 14 to witness Nov Mulla Make History #GETCONNECTED #STAYCONNECTED NOV MULLA VOLTAGE !


All  man my fingers wont let me type fast enough! The media is comparing this match up between Meek an Drake to Jay Z an NAS . My question is? Who is Jay an who is Nas in this battle . So far we got 3 records out, two from Drake” Charged up” an” Back to back “.Now to me these diss tracks was ok, Drake took some shoots at Meek but nothing was  said that was carer ending for Meek. It took a few days for Meek to reply back with” We want to know “and me  personally thought the track was a decent come back at drake. Now we all know this battle rap is Meek stomping grounds. An I cant see Drake winning this battle.Besides how we know drake is writing these dis tracks his self ? I’m just saying! This is what started the beef right Meek said Drake don’t write his own bars. And if you guys can remember cash money is known for having ghost writers. Philly”s own Gillie the kid use to write for Weezy few years back then they aimed diss tracks at each other. Now dont get me wrong Drake makes good music he has a Grammy to prove that! An remember this the same guy who said diss me an you’ll never hear an reply for it! Is Drake really mad cause Meek got the girl or he said he dont write his bars I’m just saying. But regardless Fellas lets keep it music .

Mr Connected

People are you watching this ?


Obviously we are! This show ratings is going threw the roof . I know everything stops 9:00 p.m each Saturday for me … Man this season is awesome. I really dig  this show an this is coming from someone who doesn’t watch a bunch of television but the twist and turns of this show keeps me wanting more. Often find myself yelling at my television like the loud person in the movie theater that screams out ” You better Run “. or “Don’t go in there”… Power  is really doing one thing this season an keeping me parked in my chair. Hands down one of the best series on TV . I have heard many people say what about Empire .Now  Empire is good no question but its not Power . See my next post about Power vs Empire. An I’m  taking it to the streets to see how the people feel